Espresso & Americano pods | Dolce Gusto Compatible

Real Coffee offers 1 powerfull espresso and one exquisite Americano for Dolce Gusto machines, all featuring our taste test-winning coffee. The extra powerful Espresso Intenso has a lingering aftertaste with notes of caramel and chocolate. If you prefer a milder cup, try to add a bit more water. Having won several taste tests, our espresso uses 100% Arabica beans of the finest quality. Our Americano pods offers a round, rich and creamy coffee flavour.

Espressokapsler til dolce gusto. Cremet og fyldig smag. Fra Real Coffee.


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Rich and Velvety Crema – Dolce Gusto Espresso & Lungo Pods

With Real Coffee’s varieties of espresso for Dolce Gusto, you have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious cup of Dolce Gusto coffee at home. With each cup, brewed at a pressure of 15 bar, you will find a smooth crema, unique to espresso coffee.

Intense and Strong, or Full and Creamy Espresso

Taste, aroma and crema all depend on how the coffee beans are roasted. Our Dolce Gusto Espresso and Espresso Intenso pods are made from the finest dark-cherry Arabica beans. If you enjoy a coffee with an intense aroma and bold strength, try our Espresso Intenso. With a fragrant aroma, Espresso Intenso has a rich flavour, with notes of caramel and chocolate. If you prefer a lighter coffee, with great balance between flavour and crema, we recommend you to try our Espresso for Dolce Gusto. They can both be enjoyed black, or with a dash of milk for a slightly milder experience.

Would You Prefer a Lungo or an Americano?

Our lungo pods are made from Arabica beans, characterized by their round, rich and creamy flavour. A good Americano is best brewed from 100% Arabica beans, which means you can also enjoy our lungo as an Americano. However, it will be a little milder in taste than a normal Americano. Our Espresso and Lungo capsules are full of rich flavour and are perfect for every occasion. Whether it’s for your morning coffee or a pick-me-up at work, we recommend you to give them all a try!