Milk frother - Barista´s Choice

£ 70.00

Make the perfect cappuccino with a professional milk frother

Real Coffee’s expert barista has selected the best milk frother with which to make the perfect latte or cappuccino at home.

The delicious thick froth highlights the delicate nuances in the coffee, delivering a unique taste experience that’s on par with your favourite café. For that reason, we have decided to name the milk frother the Barista’s Choice.

Designed in Scandinavia, the milk frother is developed with a focus on classic and minimalistic expression – the perfect style to suit the modern British kitchen. 

Quality in design and a fantastic taste experience offer a sense of luxury as you froth milk to your desired consistency in just a few seconds.

With just one button, you can easily choose between four foam types.

One button - Four types of milk froth

  • Warm milk with thick foam
  • Warm milk with airy foam
  • Warm milk
  • Cold milk with foam

Easy to clean. The non-stick coating ensures easy cleaning of the milk frother.

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