Real Coffee never compromise on quality or taste. The reason why our Nespresso® compatible capsules are so affordable is because we don't spend lots of money on marketing, or on expensive capsules made of non-biodegradable aluminium. And because we believe that taste is everything, we only use the finest Arabica beans on the market. Arabica has a well-rounded but mild flavour, with a dark crema. However we do use Robusta beans in some varieties, like our Espresso Roma and Espresso Venezia, to offer a stronger flavour.


Classic Italian Blends


Espresso Roma Fair Trade is our extra strong, full-bodied espresso – a real kick-starter! Roma is a blend of 70% Robusta and 30% Arabica beans. In this premium blend, the full-bodied flavour from the Robusta meets the sweet, spicy notes from the Arabica. The intense flavour is rounded off with a lingering hint of hazelnut and a rich crema. Go to Shop


Espresso Venezia, Fair Trade is a powerful espresso with great intensity. It's produced with 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta beans from South America. The unique mixture has a round, well-balanced and spicy taste. Go to Shop



Espresso Verona is always a favourite in the Real Coffee range – an authentic, dark-roasted Italian espresso with a full, thick crema. It's ideal for café latte or macchiato, or as part of your own espresso and milk recipe. Go to Shop



Espresso Napoli Signature Blend is a full flavoured, well-balanced espresso with a strong character and intense taste. The dark roasting process and the nutrient-rich soils of the Southern American Highlands give the beans a unique, nutty flavour with a hint of cocoa. Go to Shop


Espresso Bologna is Fair Trade and organic in one cup! It's made of 100% Arabica beans from the South American highlands, grown without the use of pesticides and chemicals. The thorough roast gives it a dark, frothy crema, highlighting the bean's natural aroma. Bologna has a rich, velvety taste, making it ideal for café latte. Go to Shop



Espresso Torino Decaf is a decaffeinated blend with a rich, bold taste like no other! Made with 100% Arabica beans from South America, the intense flavour of the coffee in Torino Decaf is retained as the decaffeination process is completely chemical free. All of the taste, none of the buzz!  Go to Shop


Lungo San Marino is an exquisite long coffee with great ethics – 100% organic and 100% Fair Trade, meaning it's good for both the farmers and the environment. The Arabica beans are split roasted, which highlights the unique characteristics of each blend. San Marino offers a creamy, full flavoured coffee with an intense character. Go to Shop


Single Origin quality coffee


Organically cultivated by the Mandailing people of the northern Sumatra. Tha Arabica beans are recognized by its discrete acidity, which leaves a sweet taste with notes of chocolate, licorice and herbs. A complex flavor with a variety of intriguing nuances. Cultivated by small, independent coffee farmers on Fairtrade conditions. Go to Shop




Colombia is well known for its production of the best and finest Arabica beans. The nutrient-rich soil and climate of the Andes mountains cultivates a complex and rich in taste Lungo. Single Origin Colombia is recognizable by its round, nuanced and nutty flavor, as tradition would have it. The Arabica beans are cultivated by small, independent coffee farmers on Fairtrade conditions. Go to Shop

Hot Chocolate


Enjoy a delicious cup of hot chocolate.
Our Hot Chocolate is sweet enough to bring a smile to any face – so now the kids can also enjoy your Nespresso® machine! For an indulgent treat, try your hot chocolate with whipped cream and grated chocolate on top. Or add a shot of Real Coffee espresso for the ultimate mocha.

"The hot chocolate has gone down very well with the children. It produces a                              delicious, creamy tasting hot chocolate that runs through the machine well."                                                                                                  - Review from Mummy Blog List of ingredients