Real Coffee never compromises on quality or taste, because we believe that taste is everything. This is why we only use the finest Arabica beans for our Dolce Gusto compatible capsules. Arabica has a well-rounded but mild flavour, with a dark crema. However we do use Robusta beans in some varieties, like our Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato, to offer a stronger flavour and balance between the coffee and milky foam.

Our milk capsules are produced using only pure milk powder and a dash of sugar to balance the taste. The result is a mellow and creamy milk foam that is 100% free from artificial additives. You can learn more about our coffee below.  

100% Coffee

Espresso Intenso.Transport yourself to your favourite Italian cafe with our Espresso Intenso – a dark roasted and intense espresso made of premium Arabica beans from South America. Experience the authentic Italian coffee taste with notes of caramel and chocolate, with a rich crema and lingering flavour. Delizioso!


Fancy a longer coffee experience? Relax with our delicate Americano, made of specially selected Arabica beans from South America. The beans are characterized by a unique balance of notes and tastes, with a rich aroma and smooth crema. Americano for Dolce Gusto® is an excellent first cup of coffee in the morning.


Coffee & Milk

Cappuccino. The classic Italian breakfast drink! Our Cappuccino is made using a blend of dark roast Arabica and Robusta beans, with an intense body and notes of dark chocolate, leading to a rich flavour. Our milk capsules are made of pure milk powder, balanced with a little sugar – completely free from additives.



Latte Macchiato. With delicious notes of caramel and chocolate, our Latte Macchiato is a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans that deliver a rich and creamy taste. Our milk capsules are made of pure milk powder, balanced with a little sugar, with no artificial ingredients. The result is a naturally creamy milk foam.