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CEO, Lars Mansfeld-Giese


Who is Real Coffee

We are a passionate coffee company that puts people first - this is why Fairtrade and organic farming is at the heart of everything we do at Real Coffee. It's best for people, the planet and the coffee itself!

Every cup from your morning cappuccino to your afternoon espresso starts with great coffee beans. 

This is why ecology is so important to us. We believe that coffee tastes better when you know that is has been grown with care and respect for the environment and the farmers.



Organic coffee just tastes better! Time and care are put into our coffee to cultivate the perfect aroma and flavour, without any harsh chemicals. Organic produce is better for both humans and the environment, and contributes to coffee that tastes just as nature intended.


At Real Coffee, we believe that coffee tastes better when you know that you are helping the coffee farmers in South America. This is why we take responsibility through our partnership with Fairtrade. Fairtrade ensures a fair payment for the coffee farmers, who grow the raw materials for our highly-rated coffee.

Our praise

Real Coffee is always spoken of very highly in the media. Danish newspaper Politiken classed our coffee the ‘best in test’, and we won DR’s food awards ‘Spis & Spar’. We have also been featured in other European media, which is a testament to the quality of our organic coffee. 


Hygge began in Denmark, but is now a worldwide concept. The combination of coffee and being together with people is pure hygge. Coffee is the heart of modern communities, as you meet over a good cup of coffee with friends and family. At Real Coffee we are proud that our coffee brings people together in a healthy and positive way.

Public Relations!

Press contact & media

Real Coffee is always interested in speaking to the media about all things coffee and retail. We talk about the things we work on every day: coffee, organic produce, eCommerce, Amazon and digital retail. On these topics, we have a clear position and experience both in Denmark and further afield.

If you are a journalist, you can arrange an interview by contacting CEO, Lars Mansfeld-Giese on service@realcoffee.com


Making Headlines and impact

Press pictures & facts about Real Coffee

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