FAQ - Real Coffee

Do the coffee capsules from Real Coffee fit all the regular types of Nespresso® machine?

Yes, all our capsules fit the most popular types of Nespresso® machines from til original line, including the following models: 

 Citiz®, U-model®, Pixie®, Essenza®, Lattissima®, Maestria®, Inissia®, Prodigio®, Expert®.

The pods are not compatible with Vertuo machines.

Does the coffee from Real Coffee taste as good as the coffee I'm used to?

Indeed it does – if not better! In fact, some Real Coffee customers won’t drink anything else. You can safely buy Real Coffee espresso or lungo capsules knowing that they are just as good as the market leader. 

Will using third-party capsules void the warranty on my Nespresso® machine?

No, the warranty will not be void. Nespresso®'s warranty obligations remain the same no matter what type of capsule you use in the machine.

How do I get in touch with Real Coffee?

You can contact us by email at: service@realcoffee.com – all E-mails are answered as fast as possible. 

What is the average delivery time for Real Coffee coffee capsules?

If you order before 2pm on weekdays, we will send your package the same day. This means that you will always receive your package within 5 to 6 working days.

Do Real Coffee sell organic coffee?

Yes, we have 4 varieties that are both organic and Fairtrade certified; Espresso Bologna, Espresso Milano, Single origin Espresso Sumatra and Lungo San Marino. 

Does it conflict with British law to sell Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules?

No, Nespresso's patent on the coffee capsule expired in April 2012, after having been in effect for 20 years. This is the normal life-expectancy of these kinds of patents.

Is it ethical to sell “copies” of Nespresso® Coffee capsules?

We at Real Coffee believe that competition is good, and guarantees the consumer a wider selection of coffee capsules at competitive prices.

Where are Real Coffee coffee capsules produced?

Our capsules arer produced in Italy under the highest European standards for food production.


Why does Real Coffee not sell other types of coffee capsules?

At Real Coffee, we are experts at making original Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules. We prefer to stay focused solely on this type of capsule, instead of spreading ourselves too thin.

I want to return my Real Coffee coffee capsules. What do I do?

Whatever reason you have for wanting to return your purchase, we offer a money back guaranteed. NOTE! Please briefly write the reason for the return before you send the goods. In most cases, the shipment is paid by the customer. You can write us at service@realcoffee.com 



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