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Partnership with Real Coffee

Real Coffee specialise in cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, long-life coffee capsules that are compatible with almost all models of Nespresso machines. They have been successfully launched in wholesale and retail markets across Europe and USA.


Beginning a partnership with Real Coffee is quick and easy, and gives you access to 15 popular varieties, including organic and Fairtrade-certified blends. Contact Real Coffee at Wholesale@realcoffee.com and get a quotation within 24 hours.

#Rated capsules for Nespresso

Real Coffee offers a premium brand of coffee capsules, including Fairtrade and organic varieties. Our capsules are 100% compatible with all Nespresso machines and have been rated #1 in taste tests by independent, mainstream news channels in Denmark and the United Kingdom. See independent review and read customers reviews on Facebook here.


Environmentally Friendly 

Real Coffee capsules are made of aluminum - just like the original capsules. 
The environmental impact of aluminum is significantly less compared to plastic, as aluminum is infinitely recyclable. 
When aluminum is remelted, it can be used for new items such as phones and computers and new coffee capsules. 

Guaranteed Freshness

Each capsule contains five grams of fresh coffee, which is grinded directly into the capsule before being instantly sealed, in one production process. This ensures a more compact product that is well-suited for online retailers and delivery in small packages, and also saves valuable shelf space. 

What do you get?

In addition to accessing our products, you will also have full access to our photo and video library. We often get professional material that we can use on our website as well as on social media.

How We Do Business

It´s easy to team up with Real Coffee and we welcome all sorts of customers e.g. hotels, small retailers, cafés and shops.
Within the EU including Britain, we have a very low minimum order quatity which is 420 consumer units for your first order. (42 shop units)
Outside the EU we are also very experienced with the paper work and requirements. Because of the extra work with the food documents, we have a minimum order quatity of 5980 consumer units.

All our whole sale customers can choose freely between our 15 different varieties. A special discount based on volume is available.


Our product is always in stock and the delivery from our central warehouse in Denmark is quick, with products shipped one day after the order is received.

A pallet of Real Coffee Nespresso capsules contains 299 shop units. A consumer unit is a box with 10 coffee capsules in each, and there are 10 consumer units in each shop unit. This means there is a total of 2990 consumer units on one euro-pallet.


All orders are based on ex works and with pre-payment.

For more information or to find out how a Real Coffee wholesale partnership can work for you, contact us at wholesale@realcoffee.com

Highest European Production Standards 

Our products are produced under the heighest European standards of producrion and safety. Our product is covered by all form og Fairtrade, organic, environmental and health certifications.