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Rated #1 in tests conducted by several major independent magazines in 2018 and 2019 See more.

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Nespresso® compatible pods – The Perfect Taste Experience Every Time

At Real Coffee, we carry a carefully selected range of coffee pods for Nespresso machines. In addition to our delicious and authentic espresso and lungo pods, you will also find flavoured coffee and hot chocolate. Real Coffee never compromise on quality or taste, which is why our espresso pods for Nespresso® are rated #1 in tests conducted by several major independent magazines. We also offer coffee pods that are organic and Fairtrade where possible. You can choose from a wide range of coffee capsules, each of which will give you a unique taste experience.

Organic and Fairtrade Pods – Same Great Taste, Same Low Price

Real Coffee offers both organic and Fairtrade coffee pods. Every day we work towards achieving specific sustainability goals, to help reduce our environmental impact. Ultimately, it is our aim to become 100% Fairtrade and that all of our coffee variations will be organically grown. Currently, we offer three different coffee varieties that are both organic and Fairtrade. Try our Espresso Bologna and Espresso Sumatra, which are made of 100% Arabica beans and deliver a complex, velvety taste. Or try our organic Lungo San Marino which offers a longer round, rich and creamy flavour.

Espresso or Lungo Pods – Which is Your Favourite?

An espresso is a small shot of coffee that is bold and intense in its flavour and mouthfeel – an instant pick-me-up! More water is added for a lungo, resulting in a longer coffee experience, which is slightly milder and rounder in taste compared to an espresso. We offer two different kinds of Nespresso® compatible  lungo coffee: Lungo San Marino and Lungo Colombia, both with a round and rich taste experience.

Our range of espresso pods consists of eight different varieties. In our espresso capsules, we mainly use Arabica coffee beans, although in some varieties – such as our Espresso Roma and Espresso Venezia – we use a mixture of both Arabica and Robusta beans to achieve more strength and intensity in the coffee. All our espresso varieties are excellent with milk, for a Caffé Latte or Cappuccino, as well as in a longer Americano.

We Never Compromise on the Quality of Our Nespresso® compatible Pods

Real Coffee focus on offering different varieties of coffee, which use the highest quality coffee to give a fantastic taste. This is one of the reasons why major British publications such as Healthy Magazine applauds Real Coffee for our delicious organic and Fairtrade coffee blends. We have many different varieties, so you can definitely find one that fits your taste.

Pick and Mix your Favourite Coffee Pods

At Real Coffee, you can put together your own coffee package, choosing your favourite blends and varieties. If you are new to Real Coffee, we recommend that you try our Small Pack. Here you can try eight of our most popular coffee capsule varieties. However, the bigger package you order, the more discount per box you get. For example, you can order our Giga Pack for just £2.00 per box – that’s just 20p per coffee!