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SOLD OUT 100 Pods Espresso Roma
Full-bodied. 70% Robusta, 30% Arabica


Hot Chocolate & Caramel

Sold Out: Sweet Hot Chocolate for Nespresso®

40 capsules, £ 17.00

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Sweet hot chocolate that’s perfect for the whole family!


Who says Nespresso machines are only for adults?! Our delicious hot chocolate is sweet enough to bring a smile to the face of children of any age. Try our hot chocolate with a little whipped cream and grated chocolate on top. These hot chocolate capsules are also perfect for making a cup of mocha (hot chocolate and espresso)


Hot Chocolate - Dark Edition

We have two varieties of hot chocolate, so be sure to also try our

Dark Edition, which is darker, less sweet and more intense. 


We recommend that you run a little water through your machine after using hot chocolate capsules. 

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The product is sold out.