The customers say....

January 2017

Michael via TrustPilot *****


”Quicker delivery and better service.

It won’t be the last time I place an order with Real Coffee. The capsules work perfectly in my two machines (Citiz and Nespresso-u®), and all who come visit enjoy the coffee. My favorite is the black capsule called Venezia. The crema is really thick and dark. I can highly recommend it.”

December 2016

Andy via TrustPilot*****

Good coffee – Easy webpage – Good prices

”I just placed my order for two Medium packs with 160 capsules.”

”Everything runs smoothly.”

The Taste:
”The taste is really great and can easily measure up with the original capsules. All four variations are good, but as I did with the capsules I used to buy, you’ve got to find your favorite first (silver-colored capsules).”

The Price:
”It’s half the price of what I normally spend, and I can’t find any reason to purchase the original.” 

October 2016




”For a long while we have been searching for a proper Decaf coffee for Nespresso®. Torino Decaf has a real good balance between the tang of the coffee taste with small nodes of fresh fruit. Perfect for that good Café Latte in the evening.”

August 2016



”Torino Decaf is our new favorite in our home. And you can’t even taste that it is caffeine-free. Good crema and lasting aftertaste – not bad :-)” 

May 2016



”CONGRATULATIONS, Real Coffee!!.... Your new (and only) Decaf hits the spot on taste. It’s the way a real espresso should be: Dark in taste, full, and lots of crema for Latte. Thank you for the free sample. We will be ordering next time.”

December 2015



”We have for a long while been using Real Coffee as our supplier for our many Nespresso® machines. The taste is just as good and intense as we are used to and delivery is quicker. I also use Real Coffee at home.”

July 2015


”After searching the internet for tested coffee I luckily stumble across your product, and now I am very happy for my new Nespresso® machine, which with your espresso capsules delivers a good Cappuccino and Latte. The fact that the capsules are cheaper and free shipping is definitely also a plus, so my capsules will in future be bought from you.”

June 2015

Niels via TrustPilot*****


”Good coffee, good price and quick delivery.

This is the place to buy your capsules for Nespresso®.”