Descaling and maintenance for Nespresso®

Keep your Nespresso machine in top shape with a Nespresso descaler kit from Real Coffee. By descaling your machine regularly, you extend your Nespresso machine’s life, while ensuring that each cup of coffee is made with the right amount of water and at the correct temperature. Our Nespresso descaler has been developed specifically for Nespresso machines.

Keep your Nespresso machine in top shape with a Real Coffee descaler kit.

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Regular Descaling Extends the Life of Your Nespresso machine

Hard water is your coffee machine’s biggest enemy. It is therefore important that you remember to descale your Nespresso machine on a regular basis. This way, you ensure that every cup of coffee you are brewing is the best it can be. If you use your Nespresso coffee machine every day, it’s important to remember to descale it once a month. Otherwise, you risk extensive limescale, which proves very harmful to your machine.

Typical Signs That Your Nespresso Machine Needs Descaling

If you want to make sure you brew the perfect cup of coffee – with the correct taste, heat and amount of water – every time, be sure to descale your Nespresso machine regularly. In doubt that your machine needs descaling? There are three signs to look for:

•    The brewing time takes longer than usual
•    The coffee is not as hot as usual
•    Your Nespresso machine drips at the outlet spout

If you notice one or more of these signs, then your coffee machine probably need descaling.

Real Coffee’s Nespresso Descaler Kit is Developed Specifically for Nespresso Machines

Our descaler kit ensures a gentle but in-depth cleaning and descaling of your machine – safely removing limescale and dirt, while making sure that the heater and rubber gaskets do not suffer any damage. There is enough solution for two descaling sessions in a single bottle. If you are unsure of how to descale your machine, you can find very detailed instructions for all Nespresso machines here, while you will also find a guide on the descaler bottle itself.